Enabling litigators to present meaningful concepts and accurate, relevant facts to jurists leads to more just trial outcomes. This helps to protect the community as well as our civil rights. Rich Consulting enables juries to make informed decisions by helping our clients present information in a manner that cuts through professional jargon and legalese, persuasively engaging the audience.

When people are given relevant facts in an accurate context, decisions are rendered more fairly. We help litigators build cases with narratives that juries can understand; organized and accurate information on which they can render fair outcomes. Simply stated, our trial consultation services enable courts and juries to make better-informed decisions.

Trial & The Mental Health Hurdle

Civil and criminal incidents involving those who may have a mental health diagnosis must be taken very seriously. Outcomes resulting from any court action should equally protect the public as well as the rights of individuals. We have a reputation for helping attorneys “reach people.” We also guide our clients through the latest research on mental health, sex addiction, available therapies and ongoing treatment options.

Reaching people at their own level is vital to persuasion. Rich Consulting helps clients present accurate, reliable information with clarity and veracity. Our clients’ cases are presented in a way that audiences on all sides can best understand, improving opportunities for the best outcomes possible.