Therapy FAQ

What happens during the 15-minute phone consultation?
The initial phone consult is with a qualified staff member. gives you an opportunity to ask questions and decide if you’d like to work with Rich Consulting. Just because you call doesn’t mean your obligated to utilize our services. If we’re good a fit, then your personal information will be asked to schedule your first session. You’ll get an e-mail with a link to all the paperwork to be completed 24 hours before your first session. (Don’t worry – your information will be protected by a HIPAA compliant system.)

If we’re not a good fit, which may be the case, we will help you find the right clinician for you. Sometimes this occurs when people call needing a certain specialty that we do not offer.

What happens in the first session?
Lauren reviews all of your paperwork and covers the disclosure portion of treatment. It’s important that you ask any clarifying questions during this time. We will cover a lot of different information and then move to the reason for seeking therapy.
How often will we meet?
It depends. Your treatment will be dictated by what we’re addressing, what your symptoms are, and what you’d like to accomplish. Lauren will assess your needs and severity, and discuss treatment options within the first couple of sessions. This takes time, so be patient enough to hear all of the options, invest in reading about her recommendations, and then make an informed decision.

Those clients seeking sex addiction treatment will have a lengthier sessions, and have a slightly different treatment procedure than other clients.

How long will psychotherapy take?
There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to length of time, it entirely depends on what brought you to psychotherapy, your goals, and your effort to practice what you’re working to improve in your daily life. We want you to be successful and see the benefits of therapy. Being that Rich Consulting is a solution-focused practice, we treat the issues presented and you move on with life.
I’ve been to therapy before, but it didn’t work. What makes you different from other therapists I’ve been to?
This question has many answers. It may have been that you were not ready to confront uncomfortable issues, the right treatment modality was not used, or you may not have felt you had good rapport with your previous provider. Whatever reason it may be, know that if Rich Consulting is not the right place for you we’ll refer you to a number of other clinicians.
Do you have a cancellation policy?
By scheduling an appointment, you are reserving Lauren’s time. Like many doctor’s offices we require a 24-hour cancellation notice. If we do not hear from you before the 24 hours, your credit card will be charged. If you are a no-show your card will be charged. In either case, you will be charged the full hourly rate of $120.

We try to limit this as best possible by providing text, email, or telephone reminders.

Can someone else pay for my therapy?
Sure, but if you’re age 18 or older, we’ll need to get their written authorization to charge their credit card, and their signed acknowledgment of understanding that they will not have written or verbal access to any of the content of your therapy without your written consent.
How much does therapy with you cost?
An initial session is $150. Follow up sessions are billed at $120. The amount of time will depend on private pay, insurance requirements, and treatments utilized.

Full payment is due at the time of service. Due to legal and ethical requirements, clients are not allowed to carry account balances as doing so can muddy the waters of clinical work. Further, certain organizations prohibit providers from bartering. We currently accept cash, check, or money order. There’s a returned check fee of $25, in addition to the amount billed. We hope to accept credit cards in the near future.

Rich Consulting offers two types of discounts:
In an effort to prevent future abuse we have chosen to offer a discount for those clients who are calling to specifically receive treatment relating to their desire to sexually offend. There are special circumstances and limitations that come with helping people who are considered non-offending pedophiles. WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY. Rich Consulting wants to help you live on the right side of the law, finding happiness and fulfillment in life, and we can help you accomplish these things if you are truly ready to work on your attraction to children.

Please take a look at these resources:

  • Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention (ASAP) – Provides referrals to mental health professionals as well as counseling services via Skype. Calls therapists on behalf of pedophiles to vet them for views on mandatory reporting as well as for willingness and ability to help pedophiles in need.
  • The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) – A national professional association of specialists in the field of sexual abuser treatment. Although the therapists primarily treat pedophiles who have had sex with children, we are told that many of the therapists who are listed have the skill and desire to treat child-celibate pedophiles as well. For a referral contact them by phone or email. No identifying information required.
  • Stop It Now – An organization dedicated to prevention of child sexual abuse. Includes helpful resources for pedophiles who wish to avoid offending.
  • Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending – StopSO UK is an organisation that aims to prevent sexual offending through therapy.
  • Prevention Project Dunkelfeld – Located in Germany. The Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD) provides confidential treatment free of charge for individuals who have a partial or exclusive sexual preference in terms of pedophilia or hebephilia and seek therapeutic help. The goal of the therapy is to cope with problems in dealing with the particular sexual preference. From a patient’s point of view, focus is on controlling one’s own behaviour in order to prevent child sexual abuse and child pornography offending. The therapeutic procedure integrates behavioural therapy and sexological approaches and also includes the option for pharmaceutical support.
  • Circles of Support and Accountability – Located in Canada. Groups of volunteers who provide assistance and social support and who, in turn, receive support and supervision from professionals.
  • AASECT – A professional organization of sex educators, therapists and counselors. The web site includes a ‘Locate a Professional’ function, some of whom have expertise with pedophilia.
  • SSTAR – A community of professionals who have clinical interests in human sexual concerns, including pedophilia. The web site includes a therapist directory.

We also offer a discount for those who current or former members of the military, law enforcement, or fire and rescue. These men and women are offered a ten percent discount. This can only be applied to those who are not utilizing their insurance. We reserve the right to request any documentation appropriate to authenticate your history.

Not sure what a fair cost for therapy is? Check out Healthcare Bluebook and Fair Health Consumer. Type in your zip code and search for ‘psychotherapy 45 minutes’ or CPT code 90834.

Do you take insurance?
No, not currently. We plan to accept 3-4 insurance plans in the future.
I want to work with you! Why don’t you take insurance?
Insurance companies have become incredibly difficult to work with. We are surveying the Muskogee area to best decide which insurance companies are most commonly used.
OK, but I still want to work with YOU. Is there another way?
Absolutely! Your insurance plan may have out-of-network (OON) coverage. If it does, you may be able to work with our mental health experts using it. Trust us – it’s super easy!

Here’s how it works:
You pay us directly and we provide you with a monthly statement of services (called a superbill). Then, you submit (e-mail, fax, or snail mail) the superbill to your insurance company if you decide to seek reimbursement through your insurance company’s out-of-network coverage. Your insurance company will process the superbill and will: apply the amount you’ve paid to chip away at your deductible; or reimburse you a percentage if you’ve already met the deductible. Just to be clear, Rich Consulting makes no guarantees that you’ll receive reimbursement (or how much reimbursement) from your insurance company.

What if I don’t know if my insurance plan has out-of-network coverage?
We recommend making a phone call, as websites can be confusing and often times have misinformation. During the call you should take the representative’s name, representative’s ID, date and time of call, and ask for a verifying email of your conversation to keep for you records. They should answer each of these questions, withholding plan information should prompt you to ask for their supervisor.

The following are questions to ask during your call:

  • Do I have out-of-network mental health benefits?
  • What is my out-of-network deductible? Does that include medical? Have I met it?
  • Are out-of-network services by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker covered?
  • What is my co-insurance for out-of-network care?
  • Is any pre-approval required under any circumstances before obtaining out-of-network mental health services to be reimbursed?
  • For psychotherapy, ask: Do you cover procedural codes 90834 and/or 90837, or 99354?
  • For psychotherapy, ask: What is the maximum allowed amount for procedural codes 90834 and/or 90837?
  • If I have out-of-network benefits, will I be reimbursed the full amount I paid or a percentage? What percentage?
Why can I use my insurance for a forensic or psychosexual evaluation?
The evaluations we produce do not have a CPT Code in order to bill an insurance company. Further, insurance providers don’t cover legal costs.
How do I get an evaluation if I’m facing legal charges, have a history of offending, or may have a special circumstance?
You must have a referring party. What this means is that individuals cannot request an evaluation for themselves, you must have an attorney, state provider or agency, or court that is requesting this service.