Rich Consulting offers assessments relating to the following issues:

  • Sexual allegations or pending legal charges
  • Post-conviction/Sentencing phase
  • Offender risk level
  • Likelihood of re-offense
  • Sexual interest including pedophilia
  • Various deviant sexual behaviors
  • Screenings related to pre-employment for public service or clergy members

As an Attorney…

Clients facing sexual allegations or formal charges can be among the most challenging to represent. In some instances your client may be presumed guilty until proven innocent, despite the constitutional foundation of our justice system. Psychosexual Evaluations (PSE) are an empirically informed assessment of your client’s sexual history and development, any paraphilic or deviant interests, and measures risk of re-offense. Rich Consulting focuses on each of these areas, in addition to any treatment needs or proposed supervision plans.

A psychosexual evaluation can help all parties involved, as they work to communicate and clarify many “unknowns” regarding your client’s situation. They are also useful in proposing plea bargains or reduced sentencing, and deliver quantified results to help you communicate to a judge or jury the severity of risk. Lastly, psychosexual evaluations help reduce docket and court wait times, saving both the tax payers and your clients valuable time and money.

Not sure you need a full assessment? Consider our trial consultation services instead.

As an Individual…

It’s important to know that you must have a referring party (e.g. attorney, tribe, court, state agency) that is requesting this information. Sometimes we need extra help in communicating, and that’s what a psychosexual evaluation can do for you. It will help you communicate the truth and may even put some questions to rest. Legalities “muddy the waters” of our lives, but our assessments force a re-examination of the facts. Our intention is that the information presented will help each party involved make more informed decisions.

The final assessment is delivered to the referring party only, and is not to be shared with the respondent outside the supervision of a licensed clinician that is familiar with Rich Consulting.

What about court testimony?

Court testimony can be provided if necessary. Our goal is to create such a clear and comprehensive picture that you may not need Lauren to appear in court.

Please contact our office for more detailed information regarding assessments.