In an effort to streamline our first session we’ve explained a few policies and important pieces of information. Mental health is a service like any other, and while we are a field of “helpers” we have to manage our business carefully in order to offer the highest quality services.

To reserve an appointment, you will need to provide us with a credit card number. We request the same of clients who are seeking evaluations, only we call this a retainer. Full payment is due upon service, no negotiations. According to certain ethical guidelines and restrictions Rich Consulting cannot barter with any patient.

Insurance and Private Pay

At the present time we are only able to accept private pay clients. We can help provide a “super bill” for all clients who wish to request reimbursement utilizing their “out of network” benefits. We are currently researching the most popular insurance plans for our region.

Discounts and Special Services

As a community partner who wishes to prevent future abuse, we have chosen to offer a discount for those clients who are calling for treatment relating to their sexual attraction to children. What’s it worth to keep your job, driver’s license, voting privileges, family and freedom? Rich Consulting wants to help you live on the right side of the law, find fulfillment in life, and keep kids safe. Our resource page has more information about how to find anonymous help.

We also offer a discount for those current or former members of the military, law enforcement, or fire and rescue. We reserve the right to request any documentation appropriate to authenticate your history.

Not sure what a fair cost for therapy is? Check out Healthcare Bluebook and Fair Health Consumer. Type in your zip code and search for ‘psychotherapy 45 minutes’ or CPT codes 90834 and 90837.

Expert Witness Testimony

Because we cannot reproduce our time we only offer testimony services by the day. Judges and dockets are notoriously unpredictable, so we need to cancel all of our clients in order to be available.

Cancellations & No-Show Policy

By making an appointment you are reserving our time. This is a resource we have to manage carefully, and that means we expect our clients to cancel within a reasonable amount of time. A cancellation that occurs less than 24 hours from appointment time will be charged at a rate of $60. A no-show appointment will be charged the full $120. No future appointments will be scheduled until this debt is paid.